TEDxWilmette 2021
Emerge from individual reflection to collective power. Join us to celebrate speakers who bring people together and spark new connections in our communities.  Tickets will be available in mid-March.
Get lifted while considering new ideas, new ways and new alignments.
CONNECT with others to forge the future. 
Blended Engagement | Time TBD
April 22, 2021 
Virtual Launch Party with Live Moderation
April 24, 2021 
In-person Speaker and Audience Connection
(limited capacity at 3 local sites)  


TEDxWilmette 2021 will offer a blended engagement - a virtual launch party will lead to optional in-person sessions for speakers and the audience to further CONNECT.


This format differs from our 2019 event in an effort to be COVID-19 socially responsible but continues these elevated conversations.


Choose your level of commitment, but be sure to join us!

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