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TEDxWilmette 2024 Theme Contest

In the spirit of celebrating YOU, our TEDxWilmette community, we are excited to present an opportunity. 

We are already planning for 2024 and want to hear theme ideas from you, our TEDxWilmette community. You will win two tickets to the signature event if your idea is selected. The theme should include a tagline and a 1-2 sentence description. Please submit your ideas on this form.

Per TEDx guidelines, the “theme should be abstract and open to interpretation – it should be broad enough to leave room for a wide range of topics and speakers. Think of it like a title or tagline and choose a theme that can be interpreted loosely to allow for diverse talks and speakers.” 


To get your creative juices flowing, here are prior themes and taglines:

  • 2021 Connect | Inspiration is here, with every reason to connect to each other, for each other

  • 2022 All In | Creating positive change in ourselves and our community

  • 2023 Why Not? | We constantly ask ourselves why we should do certain things. This would focus on asking "Why Not?" and taking risks / stepping out of our comfort zones.


The TEDxWilmette Executive Board will review all submissions and reserves the right to modify the content to comply with TED rules and TEDxWilmette standards. 


The deadline for submission is June 30th, 2023.

Applications: Schedule
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